How To Identify The Appropriate Domain Name Extension For Your E-commerce Site?

The domain name that you choose will affect your e-commerce business regarding brand identity and SEO. Whether you buy a domain name or register domain name free, you must not underrate the fact that the domain name is like your business card, and its purpose is to direct your potential customers to your business. Therefore, make sure it’s similar to your business name, it is simple to type, and it is memorable. After you have chosen your domain name, another challenge is identifying the best domain name extension for your e-commerce business. The domain name extension can impact your SEO and so has to be chosen carefully. To help you, we are going to discuss the various name extensions.

  • Buy a domain name and use the .com extension

The .com extension represents ‘commercial’ and is an all-time favorite for many businesses so that more than 50% of all websites use the .com extension. It is the most trusted popular top-level domain name extension. Whenever we think of a website, we think of it as a .com.

Benefits associated with .com extension

  • Credibility
  • The .com extension has the highest recall value. It means that most people relate a website with a .com extension. Therefore, when you use the extension, online visitors are more likely to trust your website than the one with a different domain name extension.

    • Browser default

    Most browsers will not return an error message even if you type your domain name without typing the .com extension. If we use a domain name example like www.mysite web browsers will look for

    • Recall value

    The .com extension has the highest recall value in the market. Many visitors are more likely to type your domain name with a .com extension without giving regard to other domain name extensions.

    • Valuation

    Should you decide to sell your domain name, it will fetch good money if it has a .com extension than any other extensions. This is because of recall value, and the credibility that comes with a .com extension.

    Cons of a .com extension

    Due to the popularity of the .com extension, the domain name you wish to register is probably taken. To date, a .com extension would mean being more creative to come up with a unique name.

    • .net domain name registration is not a reserve for networks and associations

    The .net extension represents ‘network’ and as the name suggests begun primarily as a domain name extension for networks and associations. However, it is increasingly becoming a substitute whenever the .com extension is not available. Internet service providers popularly use the .net extension, and web hosting companies. The .net extension is also excellent when you don’t intend to profit from your website.

    • Buy or register domain name free with .org extension for your non –profit organization

    The .org domain name extension represents ‘organization.’ The .org extension is popular with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), and trade associations. If used for business purposes, situations might arise where your visitors mistake you for a non-profit organization.

    • .info domain name extension is not ideal for promoting a product or service

    The .org domain name extension represents ‘information’ and means that your website is an information site. So, using .info extension for a business might be misleading to many internet users. On the other hand, if your business name is not available as .com, you can opt for .info. It can also be an excellent idea if you want to be unique.

    • .biz domain name extension cannot outdo .com extension for business

    Though the .biz domain symbolizes business, it cannot be a match to the .com extension. The .biz extension may sound cheap and cheesy to some online users.