Cryptocurrency is our world – and we would like to take you there with us. In order to bring you a bit closer to it, we deal with basic knowledge as well as interesting news in our articles and compile tips worth knowing.

With our publications we want to inform and inspire. We do not assume the role of a financial advisor. Let our topics make you think and question.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to work independently on your own happiness. For this purpose, we research the most important contents for you and summarize them professionally.

Honest and independent advice for consumers

In the age of online comparison portals, a multitude of providers in all financial product areas and the gradual disappearance of independent, regionally operating financial advisors, it is important that consumers have a credible authority from which they can be guided through the jungle of offers.

The focus is on added value for the consumer.

Consumers are to avoid errors

The primary goal of Quinn Murphy is to help individuals to make the right decisions and avoid mistakes – and ultimately save money. We transparently prepare the relevant information on important financial products such as insurance, loans, etc. and provide consumers with concrete recommendations for action.

By following our carefully researched recommendations, they can avoid some of the providers’ mistakes and traps and, as a result, often save a lot of money.