Best Bitcoin Poker Places Online

In this article I’d like to share my experiences and knowledge about my 2 favorite crypto online casinos. Initially I had found them in the comparison on where you can find even more details face to face. Here are the reasons why I can recommend playing poker on those casino sites rather than on others.


The incredible rise of digital currency known as Bitcoin surprised everyone. Today, it is being accepted for payments and transactions in more and more areas – from entertainment to commerce to many other industries. It was only a matter of time before an online casino based solely on the Bitcoin concept emerged. The decentralized online currency offers new and better opportunities for gambling and gaming on the Internet, providing an unprecedented level of security and freedom. Gamblers enjoy greater security during gambling and pay far more taxes and fees when playing for real money. In addition, casinos really have the opportunity to offer the market a new and innovative product. is by far the largest and most respected Bitcoin casino on the internet, offering a huge selection of games, a safe environment and many other great things, some of which are unique in the market.

The belongs to the big Coin Gaming group, which offers the best online Bitcoin games, prizes and competitions. The online casino offers a complete casino experience with a large selection of games and variants – the offer is suitable for both experienced casino players and beginners. Roulette casino games are among the favorite games of many customers, which is why three different roulette types are offered: the American, the European and the French version. People who love card games can choose from popular games that include Blackjack, Baccarat and Hi Lo Switch. These are offered through numerous poker variations, including the famous Texas Hold’em, as well as other variants, such as Caribbean Poker, Oasis Poker and so on. Poker machines are also available for fans of this type of gambling. Slots are also part of Bitcasino’s offering, with players choosing from many exciting and lucrative titles.

All these attractive casino games can be played with bitcoins – players have plenty of options on the site to use the virtual currency. is a demonstrably fair Bitcoin casino that uses the best technologies and systems to encrypt each game and guarantee player safety. The house edge is only 1%, which means that players have higher odds of winning than in a normal online casino. The casino offers a level of transparency, security and fairness unmatched in the online gambling industry. A nice addition to the Betcoincasino website is the ability to play for play money – a good option for anyone who wants to practice or learn the rules of the games – until the player has enough self-confidence to play with real bitcoins. All games score with excellent graphics and sound effects, guaranteeing a fun gaming environment.

Bitstarz Casino is the newest online Bitcoin Casino. All games offered in the casino can be played for free if the player prefers not to use real money for the game.

This makes it easy for players to test a game without risking money. If the player decides after a few free rounds that he wants to play for real Bitcoins now, this option is of course open to him.

After the player has opened a free blackjack game, he has several betting options available. In the course of the game he can choose between Deal, Stand (no further card), Hit (another card), Split and Double.

During a roulette game at, the player sees the roulette wheel, the table and the various betting options. He determines how much he wants to bet and decides after each round whether he wants to remove or repeat a bet.

Players who prefer baccarat will see a screen that shows the amount the player can bet, the three steps necessary to play the game, and the chips that represent the player, the dealer, and the tie ,

Although the player in blackjack and baccarat games can decide whether or not to bet real bitcoins, this roulette game selection is not available. Video poker games are only recently in the program of

The casino also offers a hi-lo game. This game is about predicting whether the next card drawn will be lower or higher than the previous one. Twelve cards are randomly drawn after the deck has been shuffled. These cards are then hidden on the screen of the player. The more frequently the player advises correctly, the higher his balance will rise. As soon as the player is wrong the first time the game ends. The player now has the opportunity to withdraw the current winnings or try again to win even more money. In this game, the ace is the card with the lowest value and the king the card with the highest value.

The website also contains some basic information about each type of casino game offered. This is a great deal for players who do not know a specific game and have the opportunity to learn more about it before they get started.

With such offerings that are unique in the industry, offers a truly exceptional experience for every player